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updated in 2011

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Having a son or daughter attend the United States Naval Academy is a family adventure.

We are sharing ours with you. 

These pictures include some from our fellow Drum & Bugle (D&B) and  NorthTxParentClub


Welcome to the rollercoaster experience of being a USNA mid's parent.

Our mid was in Drum & Bugle (D&B), so we got to see him during Texas football games.

The following flash video is best seen if you change your internet explorer to:  View>Full Screen.







This link is to the individual pictues.  Please credit NAPCNT.ORG if you use them.

Annapolis Photo Album

The following link shows what our son's been doing in the navy.

He got married and they moved from Jacksonville, FL to Whidbey Island.

A Navy Wedding

He then deployed to mid-east.  Upon return they went to Rhode Island.

Whidbey to Siciily They are in Sicily for three years now.

Naval Academy Parents Colvin of North Texas

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